Each kidney contains about a million filter elements called nephrons. A glomerulus of small blood vessels (capillaries) is one of the components of dostinex pills. Glomerular filtration rate is an important indicator that determines the state of the kidneys. It is calculated based on the content of creatinine in the blood. Creatinine is one of the breakdown products that the kidneys excrete. In kidney failure, it accumulates in the blood along with other waste products, and the patient feels the symptoms of intoxication. Kidney problems can be caused by diabetes, infection, or other causes. In each of these cases, the glomerular filtration rate is measured to buy dostinex online the severity of the disease.

Elevated blood sugar damages the filter elements of the kidneys. Over time, these disappear and are replaced by scar tissue that cannot clear waste from the blood. The fewer filter elements left, the worse the kidneys work. In the end, they cease to cope with the excretion of waste and intoxication of the body occurs. At this stage, the patient needs replacement therapy in order not to die - dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Before they die completely, the filter elements become “leaky”, they begin to buy cabergoline online. They pass proteins into the urine that should not be there. Namely, albumin in high concentration. Microalbuminuria is the excretion of albumin in the urine in the amount of 30-300 mg per day. Proteinuria - albumin is found in the urine in an amount of more than 300 mg per day. Microalbuminuria may stop if treatment is successful. Proteinuria is a more serious problem. It is considered irreversible and signals that the patient has embarked on the path of developing renal failure.

Read more about creatinine, microalbuminuria and proteinuria in the article "Tests and examinations that check forchki." Or watch the video. The worse the control of diabetes, the higher the risk of end-stage renal disease and the sooner it can occur. The chances of experiencing complete kidney failure in diabetics are actually not very high. Because most of them die from a heart attack or stroke before the need for renal replacement therapy arises. However, the risk is increased for patients who have diabetes associated with smoking or a chronic urinary tract infection.

In addition to diabetic nephropathy, there may also be renal artery stenosis. This is a blockage of atherosclerotic plaques in one or both of cabergoline pills that feed the kidneys. At the same time, blood pressure rises greatly. Hypertension medications do not help, even if you take several types of powerful pills at the same time.

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Renal artery stenosis often requires surgical treatment. Diabetes increases the risk of this disease because it stimulates the development of atherosclerosis, including in the vessels that feed the kidneys. Many diabetics are deterred from switching to a healthful low-carb ketogenic diet by the fear that it will damage their kidneys. The topic is covered in detail in the article "How the diet in diabetes affects the kidneys." Read it or watch the video.

Type 2 diabetes usually goes unnoticed for several years before it is discovered and treated. All these years, complications gradually destroy the patient's body. They do not bypass the kidneys.